Yesterday saw the first day of the SMGS Wednesday snowsports program. With an average temperature of 4 degrees, some soft conditions and no wind, it was the perfect way to start the season. We had over 150 students, across two resorts, participating in 5 separate programs. This is a significant number of students and highlights the active lifestyle that is keenly promoted at SMGS.

What was really enjoyable was seeing our old and new students coming together to share something they both enjoy.

At SMGS, we are continually seeking to develop and improve the skills of our students on snow. Across the ski, snowboard and cross-country disciplines, there are four key skills:

  • Stance – The way you stand on your equipment and also relates heavily to fore and aft balance.
  • Rotary – The forces required to create a turning movement.
  • Edging – The way you tip your ski or snowboard to find an edge for grip.
  • Pressure Control – The ability to manage pressure when making a turn and dealing with changes in terrain and snow conditions. 

Across all of our students, groups and programs, instructors work towards improving these skills and attempt to get students to blend this into a higher quality performance on snow.

This week, using these skills, instructors were able to grade students and identify where they are able to ski safely in their buddy groups. This information will be printed onto the students license and handed out at assembly next week. Students in the boarding house will receive their licenses on Friday this week, just in time to hit the mountain on the weekend.

The Perisher and Thredbo Wednesday program will run for the next 10 weeks, giving students of Snowy Mountains Grammar School the opportunity to enjoy the unique environment in which they live. We have a variety of levels available for students, including specific race and park groups. At the end of the season, instructors will provide a report of the students progress and achievements over the 10 week program.

The Elite Snowsports Program, which began on the 24th June, provides students with 5 days on snow and helps to support those in full-time training programs.

We are looking forward to the two SMGS races which will be held at Perisher and Thredbo throughout the season, a chance for some healthy fun competition between the houses.

Next week will see the annual ACT-Southern NSW Regional Interschools at Perisher on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Further information, including race schedules, transport options and bib collection, will be posted on the school event page at the end of the week.