Yesterday, awards were given for the annual Big Science Competition, convened by Australian Science Innovations. This competition was voluntarily entered by students during May.

Of the students who sat the competition, 36% received a Distinction or High Distinction. This was the best result for students sitting the examination for the last four years at SMGS. High Distinctions, approximately the top 5% of students sitting the competition, were awarded to:

  • Felix Zylinski, Year 8
  • Jackson Quinn, Year 10, with the highest overall mark out of 30
  • Harrison Marshall, Year 12

The following students received Distinctions, which are awarded to the top 10-15% of students:

  • Casey Buckley, Year 8
  • Daniel Ternes-Dixon, Year 7
  • Scarlett Bellamy Peate, Year 8
  • Austin Beck, Year 10
  • Eve Donnelly, Year 9
  • Rebekah Batson, Year 10
  • Sarah Ryan, Year 10
  • Thomas Tugwell, Year 10
  • Aaron Pottage, Year 11
  • Lucy Schroeder, Year 12
  • Rhys Donnelly, Year 12

It is a pleasure to witness such passion for Science amongst our students, exemplified by their choice to enter the competition at all. After being awarded a High Distinction, Year 10 student Jackson Quinn, despite being disappointed he incorrectly answered one of the less challenging questions, was extremely pleased overall. “I only got 2 questions wrong!” he exclaimed.

Thank you to all students who entered the competition.

Dr. Nelson