Yesterday, awards were given for the annual International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) Science. This competition is compulsory for all students from Year 2 to Year 11 at SMGS.

Of the students who sat the competition, 30% received an award. In the Senior School, Austin Beck (Year 10) received a Distinction, placing him in the top 4% of students undertaking the competition overall.

The following students received Credits, which are awarded to the top 30% of students:

  • Jack Crispin, Year 7 (highest in Year 7)
  • Jack Fairfield-Smith, Year 8 (highest in Year 8)
  • Scarlett Bellamy-Peate, Year 8
  • Felix Zylinski, Year 8
  • Henry Baff, Year 9 (highest in Year 9)
  • Rebekah Batson, Year 10
  • Isabelle Beaton, Year 10
  • Declan Burke, Year 10
  • Cooper De Pagter, Year 10
  • Rebecca Matthes, Year 10
  • Heidi Nicholson, Year 10
  • Maisie Phillips, Year 10
  • Sarah Ryan, Year 10
  • Harrison Southwell, Year 10
  • Ehlana Wright, Year 10
  • Aaron Pottage, Year 11 (highest in Year 11)

Well done in particular to Year 10, who dominated the results this year. The challenge for other year groups next year is to displace them as the best performing year group!

Well done to all students entering the competition.

Dr. Nelson