Homesickness is pretty normal, so don’t worry!

We’ve all been there. Everyone knows how you feel, so come and hang out with us, we’re here to help, and happy to chat.

Most boarders say it takes around 2 weeks to settle in – one week to get used to the routine, another to start getting to know people.  So here are a few tips to help you through those first few weeks:

  1. Firstly, come out of your room!  Don’t spend too much time in there.
  2. Hanging around other people helps … it helps you work through your homesickness, helps you feel less alone, and takes your mind off it.  You start to have fun by hanging with other boarders, and people entertain you (especially in boarding!).
  3. Try to keep a balance with your family contact – keep it minimal, or create a plan to keep in contact, especially at the beginning.
  4. Get involved in activities. We do lots of fun things together, like trampolining with other boarders, joining the boarders’ touch football team, cooking class, early morning or afternoon gym, running club, yoga, etc.
  5. Have some personal time – try to find a balance between private and social time.  Make sure you have some time out.
  6. Try to get out of the boarding house, e.g. town leave, bus trips, outdoors on the school property.
  7. Don’t bury your head in social media or YouTube – talk to people.
  8. Bring some mementos from home – make your room feel like home by bringing some things you love, such as photos, posters, your favourite quilt cover, something special.
  9. Talk to staff, share your feelings, they are here to help you.  Trust the staff – they will support you as they have supported many others.
  10. Bring clothes that make you feel happy and relaxed and make you feel comfortable, like your dressing gown or favourite shorts, etc.
  11. Talk to people in your year group, your tutor, a teacher, administration staff or the school counsellor.
  12. Remember there are always home visits on weekends and you will see your family again.

And remember, while homesickness is real, it’s not forever. So take this change as a good, life experience.  We promise you will learn and grow as person.

Last, but not least, these words of advice have come from boarders and staff in the boarding community who have lived, and been here, so trust us! We are talking from experience.

Like to know more?

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