“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

When I think back to my school years, it is not the learning that comes to mind first and foremost. It is the relationships that I formed with teachers and peers that are the most memorable. It is these relationships that have influenced me and likewise will for your child.

Strong relationships can take on a number of different forms – teacher-child relationships, peer relationships, mixed-age relationships – and at SMGS we believe that we give children the opportunity to develop these strong relationships throughout each and every school day.

Teachers who take the time to develop strong relationships with each child in their class allow every child’s learning journey to be catered for and supported. Relationships are based on respectful interactions where children’s voices are valued and heard. When children feel valued and respected for who they are, then they are more likely to be successful learners.

Our philosophy here at SMGS is that each child’s learning journey is unique and individual and our role as educators is to facilitate the growth and development of children holistically – academic and social. We believe that the relationships that children develop in the early years of their school life will have a lasting impact on them as individuals as they move through their years of schooling.

Peer support is another type of relationship that we value at SMGS and this can be seen during every school day in a number of ways. In Kindergarten, children are given many opportunities to build their social skills with each other, within the Junior School community and the wider school community. Buddy systems and a strong emphasis on a sense of community is embedded into our curriculum and this allows for children’s social skills to be supported and scaffolded.

At SMGS we believe in the relationships that we build with each child and that it is these relationships and connections that we build that give children better opportunities, not only at school but in their life in general.

Author, Emma Smith is also one of the teachers running SMGS’ free five-week transitional program, Let’s Explore. The program is made up of five sessions that begin on 21 October 2016 and have been designed to ease your child’s journey into the world of Kindergarten and Junior School. The program is open to any child who is looking to start Kindergarten in 2017, regardless of where you plan on educating your child.

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