Going to boarding school doesn’t mean you have to go to a single-sex boarding house. At Snowy Mountains Grammar School boarding house, you have the opportunity to live and learn with other girls and boys and to develop real friendships that will last for life!

Our boarding house is the only boarding house in Australia where girls and boys live under the same roof, in the same building in their own rooms. Our junior girls (years 7-9) have their own boarding wing next to the main house and the girls (years 10-12) live in the main house with our boys (Years 7-12). Each student has their own room, and there is an alarmed door that is activated at night between the boys and girls section of the boarding house. Boys and girls have their own separate bathrooms but share all the common spaces, including the pool room, TV room and the kitchen area.

Here are 6 reasons why a co-educational boarding house is the best:

1. Real World Scenario:

The real world is made up of men and women. Learning how to live with people of the opposite sex is an important life skill. Co-educational boarding helps young people develop these healthy relationships while in their formative years.

2.    Breaks down stereotypical perspectives:

Co-educational boarding allows you to understand how the opposite sex thinks. It helps you develop both empathy and acceptance of the different perspective on a variety of issues. This can contribute to fostering healthy debate amongst each other and help you to understand opposing points of view.

3.    Keeps families together:

Being a co-educational boarding house means that brothers and sisters can live together in the same boarding house and attend the same school. In single sex schools, this is not possible.

4.    A home away from home:

Being in a co-educational boarding house makes it feel more like being in a home environment, with people of the other sex around, including both adults and kids. While not all families have children of both genders, most do, and this can make it feel more like your home.

5.  Creates an extended family:

If you only have siblings only from the same sex, being in a co-educational boarding house can provide you with opportunities to grow up with people of the opposite sex- something you may not get if you didn’t attend a co-educational boarding school.

6.    Creates a balanced activities program:

Being a co-educational boarding house means that our activities after school and on the weekend are not dominated by the interests of either boys and girls. This means we have a wider range of activities to suit the interests of more people.

Why not make SMGS your home away from home?

With residents coming from all over Australia, the boarding house at SMGS is large enough to foster growth and self-confidence, but small enough to notice and cater for individual difference.

The spectacular lakeside location nestled in the mountains guarantees an environment in which to grow and develop that is safe, clean and healthy. Few schools can match the natural ‘playground’ that our boarding students call home.

The boarding house is located centrally within the school and is the core of the school community. Residential students are encouraged to become involved in the local community sports and activities, as well as to mix freely with the local students and their families.

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