The day dawned bright and clear. The sun was shining, and the air was filled with the potential of the One Day Event (ODE). This premier event consists of 3 separate elements, Dressage, Show Jumping and a Cross Country event. All competitors must ride the one horse (or pony) for the three different sections. A range of height classes were on offer from a Newcomers 45cms, Primary and Secondary 60cms, 80cms, 95cms, 105cms and a 1 star accredited event.
SMGS had six competitors today- across three different heights. Without a doubt, this day tests the skill, confidence and mental toughness of the riders. In each discipline, it is important that riders achieve the best score they can, minimising the penalties incurred for an error. With a huge cross country to finish the day, with obstacles that include water, logs and even a picnic table, ribbons were up for grabs.

Team, SMGS had strong results from the ODE:

Jessica Dickson placed 5th in the Senior 60cms ODE
Daniel Ternes- Dixon placed 7th in the Newcomers 45cms ODE
Charlotte Wilson placed 11th (one point out of the ribbons) in the Newcomers 45cms ODE
Mackenzie Harding came in 20th
Lara Fairfield- Smith placed 21st
A special mention to Jamie Russell and his noble steed CanCan in his first ODE placing of 25th in the Newcomers 45cms.

Day one results from Sporting and Working Utility Challenge:

Cassandra Nichols was presented overall 8th place in the nine years and under Working Utility Horse challenge. An exciting mounted presentation in the AELEC arena saw Cassandra given her ribbon on her much loved Emmavale Gwedolyn.
Mackenzie Harding on Red came 2nd in the 12 years Pony Twist.
Daniel Ternes- Dickon placed 3rd in the 12 years Bottle Race.

The final event of the night was the Woof and Hoof. SMGS cheered loudly for their team of Stef Nitto and Cassandra Nichol dressed as Superman. They entertained the crowd with their outfits and a hilarious jump round! It’s a fun-filled fancy dress event with riders, horses and their dogs showing skill through a set of jumps and the crowd joins in!

Tomorrow is a huge day- with dressage tests and showjumping. Congratulations to all the riders today, and their parents. A huge thank you to SMGS Chief Instructor Sarah Dreverman who was run off her feet trying to get to the 18 different events for our competitors. Not to mention helping out with equipment issues, horse problems and parent and student’s nerves. Thank you also to Gidge Fairfield- Smith who juggled her role as parent and SMGS Coach, to assist with riders and their horses. We appreciate their expertise and experience and of course, their care of all our riders. THANK YOU!

The sun has set on a successful day in Tamworth, and we look forward to everyone’s favourite day tomorrow- Show jumping!

Kelli Wilson