A wonderful Suprise

STOP PRESS- Mackenzie Harding was awarded the 2016 ISHE Newcomer ODE award. Mackenzie was awarded a beautiful rug for her beautiful brumby Kosciuszko Red. The award was a wonderful surprise for the Year 7 student. On the award, Mackenzie said- “I cannot believe it. The 60cm ODE was so much fun, but after I was coming 20th after the dressage section, I NEVER THOUGHT that I would win this award. I can’t believe it. The cross-country and show jumping phases are my favourites, and Red was awesome out there today. At the presentation, I never dreamed that my name wold be called out”.

The final two days of ISHE (Interschool Horse Extravaganza) has come to an end. The results from Day 3 were outstanding, with both showjumping and dressage events giving Team SMGS many opportunities to post personal best scores.


Dressage is the event where riders must learn a test. These tests (which are a series of technical skills) that demonstrate both rider and horse together as a combination. Riders must present in perfect attire, and their horse must be prepared as well, plaited with rosettes and features defined, each test combines progressively more challenging skills. A perfect score of 100% is the aim. Judges mark to a set criteria and riders use these tests to continue to learn and improve their riding.

Dressage Results:
Cassandra Nichol- nine years and under category
Preliminary 1:1- 1st place
Prep A- 2nd place
Nine years and under CHAMPION rosette award

Abbey Wilson- 10 years
Preliminary 1:1- 20th
Preliminary 1:3- 16th

Jamie Russel – 10 years
Preliminary 1:1

Charlotte Wilson – 11 years
Preliminary 1:1- 20th
Preliminary 1:3

Daniel Ternes Dixon- 12 years
Preliminary 1:1- 7TH
Preliminary 1:3- 7TH

Stefania Nitto- 16+ years
Novice 2:1
Novice 2:3

Complete official dressage results can be found here.

Show Jumping

The show jumping competition was the most anticipated event for all of our team as they just all love the thrill of pushing their horses over the jumps. There are a variety of showjumping events with differing rules. Each age group had a choice of three height classes and three different events. During the competition, when a rider drops a rail at a fence four penalty points are added. When a rider accumulated three penalties, they are immediately eliminated. This format makes the competition intense and fierce. Heights classes were 35cm, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95,105 and 115cm.
Show jump rules include:

  1. A2- the Speed round. Where the winner is the fastest around the course without dropping any rails.
  2. AM7- a dedicated course must be jumped within a maximum time and if a rider goes clear (no rails down) they are then immediately called in for a “jump off”. This is timed, and the fastest around the course wins.
  3. ACC- The Accumulator. The most exciting of all. Each different fence has points allocated, as a rider clears jumps they accumulate points until at the last fence- “the Joker” – is worth 25 points and is more difficult. Riders who clear “the Joker”, accumulate extra points. However, if they drop the joker fence, they lose 100 points! A tough decision- jump “the Joker” or not.

Showjumping Results:
Cassandra Nichol- 10- 12 Years 65cms 8th in the ACC, A2 and AM7
Jamie Russel- 45 cms 10- 13 years ACC, A2, AM7
Charlotte Wilson- 45cms event 10 – 13 yeas- 6th in A2, 6th in ACC and 3rd in AM7.
Overall 6th in Age championship 45cms.
Daniel Ternes Dixon- 10- 13 years 55cms AM7, A2 and ACC
Mackenzie Harding- 10- 13 years 65cms 2nd in the ACC, 2nd in the A2 and 4th in the AM7.
Overall 1st Place in the 10- 13 years 65cms Age Championship.
3rd place in 10-13 years Showjumping Championship.
Jessica Dickson- 65cms 13- 15 years ACC, A2, AM7
Lara Fairfield Smith 16 + years 105cms ACC, A2 and AM7
Stefania Nitto- 16+ years 65cms ACC, A2, AM7

Complete official show jumping results can be found here.

The Hack and Gymkhana

The final day started early- 5:30 am for most. The Hack and Gymkhana day of the show where the show pony and horses get their day. The morning is spent plaiting, combing and styling horse and ponies to shine. There is make-up, fake tails and even nail polish- all the Horses!! It takes an hour to get each pony ready, making sure all hands are on deck! Parents, riders and coaches are all involved. Riders must also look their best. Show helmets, saddles and bridles are all polished and ready to go.

The show ring events include the Hack class, the Rider Class, Pleasure Hack and finally the Led. Riders present to the ring judge and complete a set work out. The judge then places first to fifth in each event. There is sometimes tears, as riders are not called in.

The riders and their horses looked amazing today, and a huge effort by the support crew ensured that our riders and show horses and ponies were ready.

Show ring results:
Cassandra Nicholl- 2nd in Hack, 4th in Rider class, 1st in Pleasure Hack and 2nd in Led. (2 rings)
Abbey Wilson – 10 years, 4th Rider class, 5th in Pleasure Hack.
Daniel Ternes Dixon- 11- 12 years 2nd in Rider class.
Stefania Nitto- 5th in Pleasure Hack
*Charlotte Wilson, Mackenzie Harding and Jessica Dickson presented beautifully in the Show ring.
Gymkhana Ring
Jamie Russel- 3rd in Rider Class. 5th in Pairs.

Complete official Hack and Gymkhana results can be found here.

As the final show events were being contested, the heavens opened and it rained and rained. Pack up was swift and riders and horses made a quick exit from Tamworth. The ISHE event was indeed an “extravaganza”, exhausting and exciting, intense and fun. The SMGS team enjoyed many successes. They also enjoyed the tough competition and the wonderful facilities at AELEC. With nine competitors in 2016, we hope that this will become an integral part of our Equestrian calendar. It’s a wonderful start to the season, and the chance to compete as a team in such awesome facilities cannot be beaten.

Kelli Wilson