Last week, 12 singers from Snowy Mountains Grammar School experienced a wonderful musical opportunity.

The girls are part of a combined choir with featured soloists, which will be performing the ‘anthem’ song at the upcoming 2016 ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships Opening Ceremony.  In preparation, the girls were required to pre-record parts of the song.  This recording session took place on Monday 17th October.

Heidi (Nicholson) bravely volunteered to be the first soloist to sing and record with the producer, Glen Bidmead, and songwriter and performer Adam Thompson (of “Chocolate Starfish” fame). Shelby (Holland) then had her turn, followed by Bec Matthes.

All the girls enjoyed Adam’s warm-up exercises, and his obvious love of music and his ability to instil confidence made the experience flow easily.

The group sang wonderfully and, while the girls who had the opportunity to perform solo found it to be a ‘bit scary’ to start with, once they started to work with Adam, they relaxed and sang beautifully.

We now wait for the produced track to come back to us and we are currently devising choreography to go with the song.

If you would like to hear and see the finished product, the girls will be performing at the Opening Ceremony of the event on Thursday 17th November at the Claypits Stage.