Q. How/why did you make the decision to participate in this year’s “The World’s Greatest Shave”? 

I made the decision to participate in the World’s Greatest Shave because I was attracted by the idea of the event and the way I could help blood cancer patients and their families.


Q. Why is fundraising for the Leukaemia Foundation so important to you?

Fundraising for leukaemia is important to me because I have the chance to support families going through a really hard time and help make it easier for them. I can also help to provide scientists with the supplies they need to assist blood cancer patients and to one day find a cure for blood cancer.

Are you nervous about shaving your head?

I do think about how different I will look without hair and the questions always come up in my head as to whether I’ll look ok without it, but I always remind myself that I’m doing it for a good cause.

What amount are you looking to raise?

I am looking to raise $1000 but if it does get to $3000 then Kelli Wilson will shave her head with me. So a total of $4000.

Author’s Note: Yes, you read it correctly, our Head of Senior School, Mrs Kelli Wilson, will shave her head as well if Winsome can raise $4000, so get donating!

Q. Is there a teacher or other role model who has supported you in this endeavour?

The people who have supported me throughout my journey are definitely my family. They have been so casual about the whole thing and have helped me with getting more sponsors.

Q. Where will you be shaving your head on 16-19 March?

I will be shaving it at Snowy Mountains Grammar School.

Q. This is quite a brave thing you are doing; do you have any advice for your peers on “being brave” or doing something that may be a bit daunting?

The advice I would give to my peers is to think about the mark you could make in history. The things you could change and the bad things that you could alter to good things. Don’t be afraid to be a bit courageous sometimes.

Q. What do you like most about this fundraising event/and or the Leukaemia Foundation?

What I like most about this event is how involved and social people can be. With most fundraisers, donating money is as much as you can do to be involved, but with the World’s Greatest Shave you have so many ways of participating and you can be involved with a whole community of people.

So, how can you support Winsome? Head to her sponsorship page on the World’s Greatest Shave website.