On Friday, senior Drama students attended two Onstage performances at the Seymour Centre in Sydney, showcasing last year’s HSC Band 6 Group and Individual Performances. Students were inspired by the outstanding level of acting skills and many performances elicited genuinely interesting discussions.  Students were keen to hear how everyone else interpreted each of the performances. Some were deeply moving whilst others were artistically entertaining.

Of his experience at the Seymour Centre in Sydney, Callum Bradshaw said, “Coming from Jindabyne we don’t always have much exposure to these types of performances so it is always inspiring to be given the chance to be an audience at these shows.” Callum’s classmate Rhogan Bannister also enjoyed the performances, saying, “While not every performance was my cup of tea, some of them had an unusual and memorable style.”

The group also received a backstage tour of the Sydney Theatre Company, learning about well-known Australian actors, costumes, sets, rehearsals and productions. Mrs Cath Batson, SMGS’ Drama teacher, was impressed by the students’ maturity and conduct while they were representing the school in Sydney, saying, “This year it was a truly wonderful group of students to take – they were to be commended on their attentiveness, punctuality, consideration for one another and their tolerance of the heat!”