SMGS Enrichment and Learning Support teachers, Krista Mower (Senior School) and Tavia Taylor (Junior School) spent two days in Sydney visiting the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) of NSW and St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

Krista’s and Tavia’s role as Enrichment and Learning Support teachers is to work collaboratively with classroom teachers, students and parents to support individual students. Support would include helping the classroom teacher to customise learning programs to meet individual needs of students, and to communicate with students, parents, health and well-being professionals, and specialists such as speech pathologists and psychologists. Apart from educational support, a focus is also placed on students’ social, emotional and behavioural needs.

The one-day conference offered at AIS explored the requirements, procedures and processes required by education support teachers to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to support all students, including those requiring educational support, through to those who are gifted. Particular focus was placed on the Disability Standards for Education document and understanding the obligations of NSW schools.

Krista said she was very excited to attend such an information-rich conference and she was excited to be able to return to SMGS and assist fellow teaching staff with not only identifying students who may require additional support, but to be able to help differentiate teaching programs ensuring every student is able to access the syllabus.

Prior to heading to Sydney, Mr Andrew Leslie organised for Krista and Tavia to visit St Andrew’s Cathedral School and meet with their team of enrichment and learning staff. The school has over 1000 students across two campuses, which requires excellent communication skills and procedures to successfully assist a large number of students who require additional support. The staff of St Andrew’s were more than happy to discuss and share how they support the development of their students and, in particular, their literacy and numeracy skills.

Tavia explained what an amazing opportunity it was to be able to make new contacts with fellow enrichment and learning support teachers. They were so passionate about their roles, knowing they were making a difference to a student’s education and encouraging them to achieve more than they thought they could.

Krista and Tavia are excited to be a part of the Enrichment and Learning Support team at SMGS and are looking forward to creating learning environments where all students have the opportunity to flourish.