Last week, students spent a couple of days working with professional actor, VCA graduate and star of The Lion King, Andre Jewson. Andre conducted workshops on script analysis, acting styles for film and television, monologues and characterisation techniques.

On Friday, May 5, Andre spent time with the senior Drama students working towards a deeper understanding of their absurdist class production and HSC monologues. Focussing on emotions and space, he assisted in creating some very real relationships and locations through simple gestures and pauses. Andre then playbuilt original scenes with the Academy students, developing parodies of Reality TV shows. Focussing on observation skills – on the students themselves as actors, or others around them – to help tell stories.

On the Saturday, students from JCS and SMGS joined together in the school’s Drama room to work with Andre on developing characterisation skills. Exploring the eight efforts and four components of Laban’s acting techniques, the students devised spontaneous and quirky movement pieces and duologues.

Students who have participated in previous Off the Beaten Track workshops have remarked how impressed they are that every actor they work with gives them brand new insights into different aspects of the acting world. Each time they return they learn something new about themselves and they continue to extend on their abilities. The students are becoming more self-confident in a fun and engaging learning environment.


off the beaten track 2017