Author: Mr Perry O’Connor

Last week, our Year 12 students attended the University of Wollongong’s Discovery Day.

According to the UOW website, these discovery days provide an opportunity for our students to “experience first-hand what a day at university is like”. Making the decision to pursue a tertiary education and then choosing which institution to apply to can be a significant milestone in a young adult’s life as they learn independence and become more self-driven in their studies.

The Year 12 students arrived at campus at 6:00pm on Wednesday 3 May and were welcomed by UOW student leaders Ben and Tash at a buffet dinner. Afterwards we were greeted by the UoW accommodation worker Saanvi for a perspective of resident life and an introduction to the different types of accommodation available.

The next day, Ben and Tash took us on a tour of the East Campus after a very large, hot breakfast. The remainder of the day consisted of experiencing some very informative and engaging lectures from various professors including Dr. Croft’s amazing Exercise Science tutorial and Matthew Elliott’s hands-on Engineering workshop.

Matthew Elliott, the son of our Year 2/3 class teacher, graduated from SMGS in 2006. Matthew studied Civil Engineering at UOW and graduated with honours before going on to work in London and volunteer for a charity in Nicaragua. He is now working on his PhD at UOW.

The students really enjoyed Matthew’s workshop, diving straight into the construction and subsequent destruction of an engineered wall that uses plasticity in its joints to resist earthquakes.

There is no doubt that the Year 12 students benefited greatly from this excursion. What became apparent was their renewed focus, commitment and aim towards specific courses. Students were quoted as saying, “This trip has definitely convinced me to go to university” and “I would like to apply for a place at the UoW”.

These discovery days have become so beneficial to students that we always look forward to the following year’s visit to the University of Wollongong.