Foundation Day is an important milestone each year, where we show our gratitude for the wisdom, courage and commitment demonstrated by those who contributed to the establishment of the School, including those from Redlands, Snowy Hydro and also members of the local community. Without this vision, hundreds of students over the years would not have had the opportunity to be educated at SMGS, and for locals, in the early years, this would have certainly meant leaving home to go to school elsewhere in NSW, as there were no secondary school options at the time in Jindabyne.

During the Foundation Day Service, there are some awards presented to our students and staff. These awards include:

The Cordis Spiritus Award: This award is presented to one Year 6 and one Year 12 student, and is considered an important part of the Foundation Day Celebrations. The recipients of this Award have been chosen as they best demonstrate the attributes of a student of this school, with regards to their behaviour, respect, trustworthiness and courtesy shown to all.

The House Service Awards: This award is to recognise the achievement and work of a student in service to their house as a school community, throughout the year.

Staff Service Awards: The school community comes together to recognise and celebrate long-serving staff members who have contributed to the success of the school. Staff who reach, 10, 15 and 20 years of service are recognised each year, and their service added to our honour board.

The service also includes several speeches by our school’s chairman and the winners of this year’s Maria Kirsch Public Day as well as a guest speaker, former student and now parent, Mr Jeremy Witherdin.

Foundation Day is an exciting day for our school and provides students, staff, parents and guests alike an opportunity to reflect on the growth of the school over the last 21 years and the school’s bright future ahead.