Author: Lara Fairfield-Smith, Year 11 

The Senior Drama students at Snowy Mountains Grammar School are hosting an evening to showcase their hard work in Drama throughout this term.

Year 11

Year 11 students will be performing their class production: ‘Opening a Fuzzwollop’s Frame of Mind’. A group of people that range from one extreme to the other are trapped in a room or is it their minds? When Eyre, a young stranger enters, she poses the question of life outside the room and the claustrophobic existence of this strange group is challenged. Opening a Fuzzwollop’s Frame of Mind is a funny, absurdist play that explores the nature of humanity and our fear of the unknown. The Year 11s have been working on this production for the last 8 weeks as well as taking on backstage roles such as director, set design, costume, lighting, sound, publicity and scriptwriting.

Cast of ‘Opening a Fuzzwollop’s Frame of Mind’

So, what does the cast of Opening a Fuzzwollop’s Frame of Mind’ have to say about putting together this absurdist play and its unique characters?

“Due to Fuzzwollop being an absurdist play we’re all being pushed outside of our comfort zones. While being stressful at times it also makes the experience that little bit more fun.”  – Ehlana Wright

“The play has a deep message that becomes evident specifically in the last scene. All the characters significantly represent parts of society and how close minded people can be, and how those that are open minded, are not who you would expect them to be.” – Issy Beaton

“Xavier is quite an interesting character and exhibits many qualities that make him engaging and quirky. Xavier is an OCD freak and often I find myself doing certain things outside of drama now that I wouldn’t normal do, for example; the other day I caught myself arranging my pencils in height order. Xavier’s character is defiantly relatable for most people and once you get to know him you’re sure to have a laugh.” – Jackson Quinn

“The structure and characters of the production really show the interesting and unique themes present in the script. It is so unusual yet interesting to act in and be a part of.” – Rebecca Matthes

“I really like the absurdist nature of this play, commenting upon society through comedy. My character Eyre is a really exaggerated young, naive kind of child, and she’s really interesting to be able to develop throughout the play. She introduces or reintroduces the other characters to the idea of leaving their restrictive frame of mind, and this unfolding is really thought provoking.”  – Rebekah Batson

Year 12

The Year 12s will be presenting their Group Presentation entitled Humanity Against Naivety. The last couple of months, the class have been brainstorming and devising a piece based around a handful of words and phrases set by the Board of Studies. This has led them to question where the boundaries exist between what is funny and what’s taking it too far. The Year 12 students will also be performing their ‘nearly finished’ HSC monologues: exploring the worlds of divorce, affairs, babies and serial killer. These students have been working really hard on these for the last six months, however it will be the first opportunity they have had to present in front of an audience. This will sure to be a night of entertainment and fun whilst giving the Year 11 and 12 students the experience to showcase their work. The Year 12’s are at the final stages of their performances, where they being to refine it and polish, ready to present for the external HSC examiners in 2-3 months.

We hope to see you all on Tuesday 20th June at 6:00pm, in The Snowy Shed at Snowy Mountains Grammar School, for an exciting night of thought-provoking theatre and entertainment. Tickets will be $5 for students and $8 for adults, available at the door. All proceeds go towards buying books for the students of Riviera High School, Rwanda, where Brittany Pembroke, one of our ex-Drama students is currently working. For any enquiries please feel free to call 6457 1022.

Lara Fairfield-Smith, Yr 11 Drama SMGS