Two weeks ago, students from the SMGS Legal Studies class travelled to Canberra and the University of Wollongong. The students, accompanied by Legal Studies teacher Mrs Susan Plum, visited the Canberra War Memorial en route to Wollongong as all of these students are studying Modern History too. The students found the War Memorial very informative and focused on their study areas of WWI and the Cold War.

Mrs Susan Plum elaborated on the excursion; she said, “we then went to the High Court where we learnt about the early history of the court and some of the important cases. It was great to see the court and experience the atmosphere at the highest court in the country.

Mrs Plum continued, “we then drove to the University of Wollongong (UOW) where we had Thai for dinner and hung out doing homework and chatting before getting an early night ahead of a much anticipated ‘Year 12 Legal Studies HSC Study Day’ at UOW.

The sessions the that SMGS students attended included:

  • Essay-writing
  • Crime, which focused on law reform and in particular the “one punch” laws
  • Human rights in relation to Australia’s responses to asylum-seekers and refugees
  • World order, focusing on North Korea.

Mrs Plum was happy with the activities of the day, and their timelines for our students, she said: “The day was very relevant, and it was fantastic to have the detailed insights given by the senior lecturers at UOW.”

Of her experience on the Legal Studies field trip, Year 11 student, Isabella Oatley, said, “I found the whole two days so interesting. I enjoyed how we included a little bit of Modern History in the trip by going to the War Memorial as well. The High Court wasn’t sitting, but it gave us a real perspective on the place we see on the news. It was also interesting, as we had a tour of each court room and were briefed about its functions, etc. The study day was very useful, and I would recommend any up-and-coming Legal Studies students to take the opportunity as well. It worked in our favour, as the lectures focused on areas we have discussed and learnt about in class.”