Earlier this term, our Year 4 class created a movie based on exploring the concept of ‘how to manage our worries’ and how our worries (anxieties) can interfere with our ability to engage with the world around us, whether that be our learning, our friendships or our confidence to try new things.

Of the outcomes of building lessons around some of the very real and very tough themes such as anxiety and worry that all junior school students (and everyone else) face from time to time, Year 4 teacher, Mrs Ashleigh Pratt, said, “The purpose of the program was to help children to develop an understanding of how they can manage their worries and anxieties. The aim of this program was to target one or two students in my class who have issues with anxiety and to help the rest of my class understand why they might react differently from them in different situations and how we can help our friends when they are showing signs of being anxious.”

Ashleigh continued, “We read the book ‘I have a Worry’ by Tanya Balcke. This picture book is about a little person who has a worry. The worry follows them around and stops them from being able to join in with their friends. Sometimes the worry feels like it is sitting on them like a giant elephant, sometimes the worry stops them from being able to talk. The worry follows them around all day and makes them feel like they can’t do things. Sometimes the worry is only little and sometimes it is so big. In the book the author offers some strategies, like sharing with a person you can trust, when your worries are so big they are stopping you from engaging with the world.”

The Year 4 class decided it would be good to share what they had learnt with the rest of the Junior School and decided to make a mini movie. In the movie, they interviewed Junior School students and asked them to choose a picture (the ones on the classroom wall) to show how big their worries were.

How big is your worry today?

They also asked the students, ‘How does your worry make you feel?’ The Year 4 students then scripted some short skits about students who had worries and how they overcame their worries. They dressed up as ‘worries’ and filmed the skits. One of our students, Samantha Stynes-Garratty, recorded a version of “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars and, presto, we had a mini movie.

The movie was shown to the Junior School at one of our Junior School assemblies. We have modified the video slightly to just include the music video section. The original video was 12 minutes long and featured almost the entire Junior School and its staff talking about their worries.

Well done to the Year 4 class and to Mrs Ashleigh Pratt on putting together such a wonderful video to help communicate ways we can all manage our worries a little bit better!

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