SMGS snowsports athletes returned to Thredbo today to take on the Redlands Cup. With a few early season events now in the books, many of our athletes are starting to find their form.

The Redlands Cup is the first whole of school event on the 2017 snowsports calendar. Our Div 4, 5 and 6 athletes were excited to put on a bib and take in the racing experience under sunny skies and a fresh layer of snow.

Of his race today, first Place Div 5 snowboarder, Will McKay, said “”I am so happy and really excited”.

The SMGS snowsports team showed great depth across all disciplines and categories with many of our athletes vying for top spot. Training and racing in the US during the Northern Hemisphere winter has paid off for Div 1 racer, Antonia Murphy who not only took top honours in her category but, also claimed the Redlands Cup. Of her stellar race, Antonia said, “I was happy to win my division(div 1) today at the races and proud of the teaming coming first. It was a great team effort.”

Head of Snowsports, Mr Tim Bland was proud of our student’s conduct and in particular their support and encouragement of each other, saying “SMGS students showed great school spirit and represented their school extremely well. It is always pleasing to see the friendship and camaraderie that develops amongst the students. This comradeship is particularly evident at the top of the course when the nerves start to appear. We’d like to thank the students for their efforts in appreciating and assisting each other out there.”

SMGS Podium results as follows:


Div 5 Will McKay 1st Place – Male
Div 4 Female Team 1st
Div 4 Abbey Wilson 1st – Female
Div 4 Cassie Nicholls 3rd – Female
Div 4 Will Melloh 1st Place – Male
Div 3 Female Team 1st
Div 3 Hannah Hall 1st – Female
Div 3 Mia Chawner 3rd – Female
Div 3 Male Team 3rd
Div 3 Flynn Gannon 1st – Male
Div 2 Female Team 2nd
Div 2 Jamie Mawkes 2nd – Female
Div 2 Male Team 3rd
Div 1 Female Team 1st
Div 1 Georgia Crisp 1st – Female
Div Cora McCloskey 2nd – Female
Div 1 Male Team 1st
Div 1 James Findlay 3rd – Male


Div 4 Chloe Chilcott 3rd – Female
Div 3 Female Team 1st
Div 3 Letitia Murphy 1st – Female
Div 3 April Wynn 2nd – Female
Div 3 Male Team 2nd
Div 3 Ben Wynn 1st – Male
Div 2 Male Team 1st
Div 2 Finn Sadler 1st – Male
Div 2 Felix Zylinski 3rd – Male
Div 1 Female Team 1st
Div 1 Antonia Murphy 1st – Female

Full individual results can be viewed here.

Full team results can be viewed here.

Athletes will have a small break before the 2017 ACT and Southern NSW Interschools Championships 26-28 July.

Congratulations to everyone who competed today!

SMGS Snowsports program

As you might expect from a school that actively utilises its natural environment, wintersports form an integral part of the program at SMGS.

All students are encouraged to participate in the winter program, from Kindergarten through to Year 11, and programs cater for all skill levels from the very beginners through to elite athletes. Students also have the option of applying to join the Elite Snowsports Academy which caters to students who require a more rigorous training program.

To learn more about SMGS snowsports program, click here!