Thrilled and excited to see quality actors, as well as the sights Sydney has to offer, Senior Drama students headed up to Sydney for our second excursion this year on Saturday, 22 July. Stepping off the bus and breathing in through our nostrils that great smell of city air, we arrived at Darling Harbour and jumped at the chance to play on the playground (it was a pretty cool playground). Lights, food and watercourses were showcased and added to our experience of the city lifestyle.

However, of course, our main reason for being there was Drama! The production we attended was the Monkey Baa Theatre Company’s Neighbourhood Watch, an HSC text practically explored by Year 12 Drama students in their studies of Contemporary Australian Theatre.  With insightful views on refugees, the elderly and how we as Australians work with one another (or unfortunately, at times, isolate ourselves from one another), the play utilised authentic dramatic techniques that we could appreciate and admire. These included sophisticated lighting and sound effects, a set design that enhanced the dialogue of the play, and acting skills that highlighted the play’s overall message. Comparing the lifestyles and cultures of Hungary during WWII and Australia after Rudd’s election in 2007 saw the audience intrigued and moved. In addition, the comedic and surrealistic scenes the actors brought to the stage were very helpful for our theoretical studies for our upcoming HSC exams.

While living rurally can be fantastic, it was wonderful to be given the opportunity to see this calibre of theatre, as well as seeing the culture of Sydney up close and personal. Aside from the play, we also enjoyed fantasising about new crushes on actors, meeting old faces (and new!) and the delicious ice cream that we couldn’t resist!

I would like to thank Mrs Batson and Mrs Hansen for taking us for the weekend and giving us this opportunity. To conclude, I’d encourage any student who is interested in Drama or thinking about doing it in Year 11 and 12 to have a chat with us! There’s loads to learn and experience (plus the excursions are pretty good). I would highly recommend it!

By Callum Bradshaw, Year 12 Drama student