So, you have made it to your first NSW State Interschools competition. Congratulations, and get ready for a week of fun skiing and snowboarding in one of the most majestic places in Australia – the beautiful Snowy Mountains!

You know the Perisher Resort race crews will set up the race courses to perfection, your team leaders will be there to assist you and, with a bit of luck, Mother Nature will take care of the weather end of things.

You are feeling excited, proud, and perhaps a little nervous?

We sat down with a few of our Elite Snowsports Academy (ESA) athletes to create a list of a few tips to help you prepare, and to help you conquer your nerves. Here is what they had to say:

1)    ‘Utilise some meditation or breathing techniques to calm your nerves and help you focus.’  – Lil, Chester and Ronan

2)    ‘Talk to your friends and teammates about something other than the races. It takes your mind off it and helps to make you more relaxed.’ – Dani

3)    ‘I try to make myself laugh; it distracts me, so I do not think about the competition so much.’ – Flynn

4)    ‘Find a quiet spot before your race to visualise yourself having a successful run.’ – Nick and Nath

5)    ‘Eat a good breakfast – I like to eat a whole punnet of raspberries for brekkie. Don’t race on an empty stomach!’ – Hannah

6)    ‘Try to get a good night’s sleep.’ – Rory

7)    ‘Take care of your equipment, do a good wax job – and I like to listen to music before the race.’ – Jasper

8)    ‘Sleep well the night before and listen to jazz music.’ – Peach

9)    ‘Listen to some of your favourite music.’ – Lulu

10)   ‘I find talking to people helps to keep me relaxed. I also like to drink some yellow Gatorade before I compete!’ – Max

Remember, it may take some time to figure out what tool or tip will work for you, so try a few different techniques.

Participating in any interschools event is primarily about having fun and the opportunity to experience something new. Having a great time in the snow with your classmates is much more important than any result, so don’t let your nerves get in the way of creating memories that will last a lifetime!

We wish everyone who is participating in the NSW State Interschools the best of luck!

SMGS Snowsports Programs

As you might expect from a school that actively utilises its natural environment, wintersports form an integral part of the program at SMGS.

All students are encouraged to participate in the winter program, from Kindergarten through to Year 11, and programs cater for all skill levels from the very beginners through to elite athletes. Students also have the option of applying to join the Elite Snowsports Academy which caters to students who require a more rigorous training program.