Senior students accepting their Distinctions from outgoing Academic Captain Aaron Pottage.

The ICAS Science results are in, and it proves yet again that academic standards at SMGS are strong.

We administer the competition to all students in each cohort. This year, 34% of those students received a Merit or higher and it is pleasing to see this is an increase from previous years. In 2015, it was 30% of students and 2016 it was 29% of students receiving a Merit or greater. Of the students receiving a Distinction, Sarah Ryan was in the top 4% of all students in Year 11.




Year 4: Olivia Roche

Year 5: Jamie Russell

Year 6: Kai Ingle, Ely Frize, Harry Willsmer

Year 7: Harry Deacon, Hannah Jones, Olivia Pierratos, Sam Roche, Lucy Cross

Year 8: Sam Rumball

Year 9: Casey Buckley, Cameron Maclean, Felix Zylinski

Year 10: Texas Berryman, Bronte Hely, James Kilpatrick

Year 11: Rebekah Batson, Isabelle Beaton, Austin Beck, Rebecca Matthes, Heidi Nicholson, Thomas Tugwell


Distinction (top 11% of students undertaking the competition)

Year 3: Clay Baker, Jack Willsmer

Year 4: Jessie Frize

Year 6: Finlay Bylett

Year 7: Sophie Goninan, Charlotte Wilson

Year 8: Daniel Ternes-Dixon

Year 11: Sarah Ryan


Congratulations to all of the students who participated.

Dr. Nelson