Twenty-seven students from SMGS recently completed the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians (MCYA).  This is a competition developed by the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee and is designed to extend and challenge budding young mathematicians in schools across Australia and the South Pacific region. This year, approximately 250 schools from Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia entered 17000 students from Years 3 to 10 into the Challenge.

The Challenge consisted of a number of open-ended problems designed to encourage students to use their skills to find solutions which could then be generalised to solve more complex problems.  Submissions were then marked and ranked according to depth and correctness in each division.

SMGS’ students performed really well, with 50% of those entered receiving an award for their efforts.  Congratulations to Olivia Roche in Year 4 who was awarded a Distinction – the highest honour, given to between 5% and 16% of candidates. Congratulations also to Jessie Frize, Alexandria Quinn, Finlay Bylett, Ely Frize, Sarah McCabe, Abbey Wilson, Alex McMahon and Sam Roche, who were awarded a Credit, and to Clay Baker, Clancy Bell, Dominic Nitto and Jamie Russell, who received a proficiency award.

All our students enjoyed the Challenge and the opportunity to spend some time collaboratively working on some different mathematical scenarios.