From our Junior School Captain, Heidi Nicholson

The Junior School Cre8ive Sessions event, held on 2nd November, was a fun-filled night for parents, teachers, friends and students. With a full audience and many performances, I watched as every student in the Junior School performed with such enthusiasm and excitement. Even when nerves set in and each performer had every opportunity to resign their position on stage, I was able to see the fire and resilience in their eyes as they sang, played and smiled.

While it was a very eventful night, with many memories to be looked back on, I have come away with some recollections that stand out to me most from the whole night. As one of our brave solo performers, Samantha Stynes-Garratty, took the stage, it was absolutely beautiful to see the peer support coming from the front row where all of her friends sat, clapping silently and mouthing words of encouragement. And I was also able to witness her taking on these encouragements and grow more and more comfortable on stage. What also touched my heart, as a senior student, was witnessing a small love tunnel. After the Year 5 and 6 students finished their piece, all the students waiting side-stage formed a tunnel for each of the students to parade through as they finished their piece.

The unity found within the Junior School is never to be underestimated and our smallest students are some of our bravest and most supportive. I truly had a special night on Thursday in being able to watch our youngest students shine and encourage their peers. I would like to congratulate each and every student of the Junior School for their eagerness and support at Cre8ive Sessions; it was truly an experience for all performers and audience members.

I would also like to give a big thank you to Mrs Sell for organising such a wonderful event and putting together some amazing performances. Also a big thank you to Mrs Witherdin for working tirelessly with the students to produce such incredible artworks, as well as working endlessly to get them hung up for Thursday. And, finally, thank you to Jackson Quinn (our Creative Arts Captain) and Ehlana Wright for assisting on this amazing night and to our audience for coming and supporting each of the Junior School students.

From our Arts Captain, Jackson Quinn

Last week on Thursday 2nd November, as Arts Captain, I had the pleasure of hosting the Junior School Cre8ive Sessions, along with the Junior School Captain Heidi Nicholson. We both loved watching all the amazing acts performed in our very own Snowy Shed, in front of one of the largest crowds I’ve had the joy of seeing. I know everyone was having a blast, the children included.

We saw a range of performing talents: some made us laugh, like Emily Willsmer and Chelsea Leslie, who performed a hilarious piece titled ‘The Ghost of Tom’. Some brought us to tears, like the beautiful vocal performance from Taj Maxwell, who sang ‘Beautiful Dream’, accompanied by his father.

Another spectacular highlight of the evening was the showcase of artworks spread throughout the Shed. These inspired pieces were much the topic of conversation for many guests, with the most intriguing artworks being from the K/1 class. The artworks ranged from fabulous collages to insightful paintings and all were very creative and inspired.

Throughout the night a selection of food was made available, thanks to our ‘Food Creations Academy’. The delightful dishes were gobbled up quickly and enthusiastically. The Head of Food Creations, Mr Tim Bland, is ecstatic the food went down so well and is pleased to announce that the Food Creations Academy will be serving their best on the night of the Senior School Cre8ive Sessions next week; don’t forget, or you might miss out on some mouth-watering goods.

I thank everyone in the Senior School who came to watch the event. It meant a lot to Mrs Sell and Mrs Witherdin, as they have been working very hard to bring the night to fruition. Please remember that the Senior School Cre8ive Session is on the 9th. It would also mean a great deal to the school if as many people as possible came to support the event.