Earlier this term, SMGS held its Term 3 Principal’s Merit Assembly. During the assembly, students were recognised who had achieved Academic Honours (Provisional) and Academic Endeavour (Provisional) in Stages 4, 5 and 6. House and Tutor Groups were also recognised for their combined hard work throughout Term 3.

To receive an Academic Endeavour Award, a student must maintain a Commendable average across the five domains on which teachers report each term. These domains are:

  1. All RELTs items submitted on time and attempted to a high standard.
  2. Arrives to class on time and is organised with materials required for effective learning.
  3. Maintains a high standard of classwork, including written work.
  4. Displays appropriate classroom behaviour.
  5. Maintains engagement in classroom learning.

Students are given one of the following ratings for each of the domains:

Excellent    Students at this level meet the criteria almost always or on virtually all occasions.
Commendable    Students at this level meet the criteria on the majority of occasions or on most occasions.
Satisfactory    Students at this level meet the criteria most of the time.
Inconsistent    Students at this level are sporadic with their application, which is detrimental to consistent learning.
Unsatisfactory    Students at this level are performing well under expectations.


Academic Endeavour Provisional

For students who received a Grade Point Average of 4.5 out of 5 across all of their effort ratings.

Year 7

Sophie Goninan

Year 8

Bode Townend

Year 9

Samuel Bylett
Winsome Ogilvie

Year 10

Cole Bulluss
Joshua McMahon
Yvonne Watson
Sarah Jansen

Year 11

Lachlan Buckley
Declan Burke
Jeremy Davies
Lara Fairfield-Smith
Thomas Hansen
Aidan Machin
Cora McCloskey
Antonia Murphy
Sophie Pidcock
Ehlana Wright

Academic Honours (Provisional)

For students who received a Grade Point Average of 80 out of 100 or above across all of their subjects

Year 7

Ayumi Bailey80
Alexandra Fairfield-Smith

Year 8

Selina Williams

Year 9

Casey Buckley

Academic Endeavour (Provisional) and Academic Honours (Provisional)

For students who received a Grade Point Average of 80 out of 100 or above across all of their subjects AND a Grade Point Average of 4.5 out of 5 across all of their effort ratings.

Year 7

Lawson Bell

Lucy Cross
Alexi Cross
Harrison Deacon
Memphis Forrest
Hannah Jones
Letitia Murphy
Sophie Paske
Evelyn Redfern
Sam Roche
Olivia Weston
Charlotte Wilson
Jasmine Zollinger

Year 8

Brooke Burns
Ethan Cantle
Zac Corcoran
Mackenzie Harding
Samuel Rumball
Daniel Ternes-Dixon

Year 9

Willem Baldwinson
Amy Hobbs
Laura Hobbs
Felix Zylinski

Year 10

Anastasia Bradshaw
Jessica Cross
Eve Donnelly
Ambrose Hansen
Bronte Hely
Jack Machin

Year 11 

Rebekah Batson
Isabelle Beaton
Austin Beck
Cooper de Pagter
Rebecca Matthes
Heidi Nicholson
Jackson Quinn
Sarah Ryan
Thomas Tugwell
Sebastian Zylinski

House Standing – Academic Honours (Provisional) and Academic Endeavour (Provisional)

These results are kept and collated across the term to be used in both our House Shield and Speech Day awards. The results for all students in each Tutor group count towards a GPA in academic and endeavour results.

It is an extremely prestigious honour for the Tutor Group to be awarded the overall highest academic and endeavour certificates.

It is pleasing to see the improved effort all students have put into their academic work.  Congratulations to all students for their personal best efforts.

House Academic Honours results:

House Academic Rank
Mowamba 1 70.66 9
Mowamba 2 66.97 11
Mowamba 3 71.73 6
Kiandra 1 74.54 2
Kiandra 2 72.71 5
Kiandra 3 64.62 12
Twynam 1 70.71 8
Twynam 2 75.42 1
Twynam 3 71.67 7
Cascades 1 73.15 4
Cascades 2 68.39 10
Cascades 3 73.83 3

House Academic Endeavour results:

House Effort RANK
Mowamba 1 4.23 7
Mowamba 2 4.13 11
Mowamba 3  4.24 6
Kiandra 1 4.31 4
Kiandra 2 4.41 1
Kiandra 3 3.92 12
Twynam 1  4.28 5
Twynam 2  4.37 2
Twynam 3  4.22 8
Cascades 1  4.33 3
Cascades 2  4.18 9
Cascades 3 4.16 10

Therefore, in House order, the overall results for Term 3 are:

Academic    Honours Endeavour
  CASCADES 2 71.79
  KIANDRA 3 70.62
  MOWAMBA 4 69.79
  CASCADES 2 4.23
  KIANDRA 3 4.22
  MOWAMBA 4 4.20