SMGS was very excited to be able to share with Kindergarten families the results that were received from external diagnostic testing that was conducted by the University of Western Australia at the end of the school year. Students in their first year of school (Kindergarten) at SMGS participated in the PIPS (Performance Indicators in Primary Schools) testing at the start of Term 1 to identify the learning skills with which they commenced school. Four terms later, the students completed the second and final phase of testing, which was externally analysed to show each child’s individual growth in their first year at school.

Kindergarten teacher, Ms Emma Smith, stated that, “It has been delightful to see each child’s growth in their first year of schooling and reflect on the skills that they have developed to support them in their lifelong learning journey.”

Only one of 400 schools nationwide, SMGS uses this type of testing to track individual students’ growth and achievement as well as identify students who may need early intervention to support them as a learner. Research states that students who receive intervention early in their school life are more likely to be successful learners in the long run and that early intervention is one key factor in making a change in a student’s learning.

Head of Junior School, Scott Frize, added, “Including PIPS within our data capture of Kindergarten students has further strengthened our emphasis on ensuring that strong foundation learning skills are provided to our youngest students. To see the growth that our Kindergarten students have experienced this year is testament to the hard work that goes into the wonderful world of a Kindergarten classroom. We will certainly be including PIPS into our suite of assessment from this point on.”

“It was very pleasing to see the growth our class has made as a cohort, which is significantly higher than the state average,” Ms Smith articulated.

SMGS pride themselves on high quality teaching and learning programs that are offered at the school and this external data shows that at SMGS we are setting our students up with the skills that they need to be lifelong successful learners.

Junior School at SMGS

The Junior School is a very special part of the Snowy Mountains Grammar School educational model. The Junior School years are fundamental in the establishment of strong educational foundations and work practices.

With small class sizes and a total population of up to 80, the concept of individual programming at SMGS Junior School is a reality, not a dream. Our students can gain full benefit from the close attention to detail that is an integral part of everyday life in the Junior School.

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