The 2017 SMGS Year 12 cohort received their HSC marks last week. Students’ hard work over the last 12 months paid off, with many students achieving four or more Band 5 (80-89 marks) or Band 6 (90–100 marks) results.

Acting Principal, Kelli Wilson, was delighted with this year’s cohort’s performance, saying, “The 2017 results indicate our cohort has performed strongly in the Humanities subjects, Creative Arts and Design and Senior Science and well in most others. Most students have performed at the band levels predicted by the HSC Trials. Special congratulations to Sam Celestino for achieving two Band 6 results in Modern History and Legal Studies and to Indiana Hansen on a Band 6 in Drama.”

Our Head of Curriculum, Dr Darryl Nelson, had some inspirational words for the 2017 cohort as they embark on their future outside of the SMGS classrooms. He said, “I am pleased with the results of the 2017 HSC cohort. We are delighted that students achieved either a Band 5 or 6 in 94% of our 2-unit subjects.

“Several students have attained some outstanding results. Four of our students placed in the top bands in at least four of their subjects. Sam Celestino earned Band 6 results in Legal Studies and Modern History, whilst Indiana Hansen successfully achieved a Band 6 in Drama. Aaron Pottage and Isabella Oatley were also placed in the top bands for the majority of their subjects.

“As a cohort, the majority of our students had at least 6 units well above the state averages for each subject, a consequence of their hard work throughout the year.

“HSC results can be a pivotal moment in a person’s life. They may open up other opportunities that had not been previously considered and direct you to an alternate, rewarding career. Flexibility is always key to moving forward, and taking opportunities when they present themselves is essential.”

With HSC and ATAR marks now delivered, graduating students can now officially enjoy a well-deserved holiday break.

Congratulations, everyone!