Last week, our Junior School Students were entertained by our friends, the theatre group, Meerkat Productions who performed a play called ‘Gary’. Based on the picture book written by Leila Rudge, two actors brought the story to life. They were successful in communicating the message of courage, resilience and grit to our students. They offered us thoughts on dreaming big and not letting things stand in our way of what we want in life. This message is being taught throughout our Personal Development and Health programs and we welcomed having professional actors assist in bringing this message to the fore.

Of his favourite part of the performance, Year 5 student, Aiden Moore said, “my favourite part of the performance was when Gary used his scrapbook to find his way home. He found his way home with all the things he had in his scrapbook that the other pigeons gave him.”


Meerkat productions visited SMGS Junior School Students last year to perform ‘Mr Huff’. To read about the production, ‘Mr Huff’, click HERE.