On Wednesday, 14th March, SMGS sent a twenty-five-member team to the 2018 ISA Swimming Championships. Our students were very excited to compete in the event, which was held at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

The team consisted of the following students who all swam their hearts out and cheered on their teammates with enthusiasm:

Competing in Division 2:

Charles Deacon 7
Spedding Pearce 7
Alex Gould 7
Patrick Broe 8
Cat Stynes-Garratty 8
Hannah McKay 8
Sophie Bell 8
Charlotte Wilson 8
Fletcher Thew 9
Spencer Walker-Broose 9
Hudson Laird 9
Samuel Rumball 9
Willem Baldwinson 10
Rani Thomas 10
Keaulana Sinclair-Smith 10
Alex Woolley 11
Matilda Flett 11
Anastasia Bradshaw 11
Lulu Joyce 11
Bronte Hely 11
Zachary Bell 11
Aidan Machin 12
Jackson Quinn 12
Thomas Tugwell 12
Kadee Laird 12

SMGS students collected a number of podium results in the competitive 2nd Division. The top three results are as follows:

50M Freestyle

Aidan Machin 3rd

Rani Thomas 2nd

Patrick Broe 2nd

50m Breaststroke

Kadee Laird 2nd

Matilda Flett 1st

Hudson Laird 1st

50m Butterfly

Rani Thomas 3rd

100m Freestyle

Jackson Quinn 3rd

Rani Thomas 2nd

Patrick Broe 3rd

…and many MANY 4ths.

Congratulations to Patrick Broe, Zachary Bell and Catherine Stynes-Garratty, who each competed in seven events in one day!

Dean of Students for Years 7-10, Mr Tim Bland, was proud of our students’ efforts, saying, “A great day in Sydney, with some wonderful students and some fantastic results. Thank you also to the parents who came up for the day. The support from our entire team for each other was second to none, and with many parents from other schools making comment about our spectacular cheering.”

Year 12 student and SMGS Sports Captain, Aidan Machin, reflected on his last ISA swimming carnival and echoed Mr Bland’s sentiment, saying, “An amazing way to spend my last ISA Swimming Carnival. I was so proud of everyone for giving their best in the pool but for also supporting each other.  It was awesome to see so many of our team swimming in over five events. That’s a huge program.”

Congratulations to everyone who competed! The SMGS community is so proud of you!