On Tuesday, 13 March, the circus came to town and we got to be a part of it!

SMGS’ Junior School was entertained by a travelling circus company, called Circus Challenge. Two performance artists displayed their circus skills to us on stage as we watched them juggle, spin, throw and whirl objects around. They had us captivated. Following this, we were able to take part in an hour-long workshop that helped us understand the skills of juggling and spinning poi, a traditional Maori performance art form. It was easy to tell by the expressions on the students’ faces that they were having an amazing time.

SMGS’ Kindergarten teacher, Ms Tavia Taylor, was excited for the students to have this experience, saying, “From the moment we walked into the ‘circus’, the performers had us roaring with laughter. The students were not just members of the audience, but became a part of the performance. Some students, and staff, had the opportunity to join the team on stage and learn new skills such as spinning plates or throwing a diablo. To see the students physically engaged and developing their performing arts skills through the workshops was my favourite part of the afternoon. Seeing their smiling faces and hearing the laughter that filled the room as students juggled silks, spun plates and twirled poi was a wonderful way to end the visit from the circus.”

The students echoed their teacher’s sentiments and here are a few of their favourite moments of the Circus Challenge visit:

“My favourite part was when we got to try and do the spinning plates and it was pretty funny when Emily tried to lay on her back to spin the plates.” – Gretchen, Year 2

“I thought the song at the start was pretty funny and I liked trying the spinning plates.” – Tom, Year 3

“I really enjoyed the workshop where we got to spin the plates and when they got the teachers to warm up and lie down on the stage, then the circus performer flipped over them.” – Ali, Year 5

Offering opportunities for our students to watch and be involved with the performing arts is an important aspect of appreciating the diversity of skills in our world. A day to remember for all of us!