Four Year 6 students in Abbey Wilson, Georgia Rumball, Emily Willsmer and Sarah McCabe took part in their first ever virtual debate against Bundaberg Christian College. The debate topic was: Gender classifications in sport should be replaced by weight classes. We took the negative position. Our girls worked collaboratively to come up with their ideas that would formulate their arguments for the debate. They each took to their part with conviction and as a team delivered a debate that the adjudicator felt was more convincing than their affirmative counterparts. It was clear as a spectator that they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The chat with the girls from Bundaberg Christian College at the end of the debate, while they were all waiting for the adjudicator’s decision, was just as rewarding for our girls as was the debate itself! This opportunity to take part in debating using this technology is a privilege, and we are thankful for Independent Schools Digital Collaboration Network for providing us with this opportunity. We can now look forward to hearing about when and against whom our next round debate is. As per the rules, we will be issued the debate topic one week before the scheduled debate.