Author: Emma Smith, Junior School Enrichment and Learning Support teacher, Junior and Senior School PDHPE teacher and Head of the School of Early Childhood.

 The Year 7 PDH class have been studying the unit ‘Healthy Habits’ this term, which involves looking at healthy food options and healthy meals.

The class decided that they wanted to make a recipe book in order to share different healthy food choices with each other and then, to extend on this, they wanted to prepare and cook these meals to bring and share with each other in our PDH lesson.

Research states that when we provide learning experiences for students that are relevant, authentic and valuable, students are more likely to be engaged and feel connected to their learning. Additionally, allowing the students to lead their learning experiences means they are more invested in their learning which, as a result, empowers them as co-contributors to their learning.

The students shared a variety of types of food with each other and also invited Mr Frize and his Year 6 class and Mr Bell to share the smorgasbord on offer.