On Thursday, 29th March, SMGS Junior School students eagerly welcomed their grandparents and special friends onto our school campus for the 6th annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day.

The youngest members of our school community were beside themselves with pride and excitement as they took their grandparent(s) or special friend(s) on a tour of the Junior School and showed them their classroom work. The K/1 class then interviewed their grandparent(s) or special friend(s), which was shared to students’ digital portfolios on Seesaw. After lunch, our guests made their way to the Snowy Shed for the Junior School Merit Assembly where in addition to merit awards and performances, our Year 6 students were presented with their Leadership Pins. This was followed by the much anticipated Easter Hat Parade and Easter Egg Hunt! Indeed, it was a memorable day for all.

When asked what makes this day so important to the fabric of our school, Head of SMGS Junior School, Scott Frize, said, “What makes Grandparents and Special Friends Day special? Opening our classrooms, practising class showcases, working together as a school community to prepare and, most importantly, enjoying the company of our guests for the afternoon.  It is so important for our students to be provided with opportunities to connect their school life with their home life and we couldn’t think of a lovelier way to do this than sharing an afternoon with our grandparents and special friends.”

To conclude the day, Mr Frize thanked our fabulous staff, students and guests as follows: “Every year our classroom teachers run with their own ideas to make the day special for their students and for you. Thanks, Mrs Bradshaw, for always being on hand to take care of the multitude of tasks that need doing for a day like today. To Mrs Katie Witherdin, for her artistic flair and dedication to provide you with artistic gifts that help show off your loved one’s creativity. To Mrs Sue Sell, for always being ready to help out with all things music. To Clint, our Maintenance Manager, and Craig, and Llew our cleaner for making the school look fabulous and helping with the physical set-up of the day. To Sundance Bakery for the catering, thank you. To our students, as always, thank you for being the incredible young people that you are. I would also like to thank and congratulate our Year 6 class for the way in which they handled themselves on welcoming you into our Junior School. Their warm smiling faces and confident yet respectful manner with which I noticed them interact with you is a credit to them to all. Thank you to Heidi Nicholson, our Junior School Captain, and Rebecca Matthes and Cooper De Pagter, our School Captains, for the help they have offered us today. And finally, once again thank you to you, our special guests. We hope to see you again in 2019!”

After such an amazing day, students, grandparents and special friends are already looking forward to the 2019 event.

Thank you to 5 Willows for capturing the day so beautifully! (Full album of over 150 photos below)