The SMGS Drama Academy, part of the award-winning Academies of Excellence program, have been working very hard this term, their efforts culminating in an entertaining production called Murder Malodorous.

On Tuesday, 10th April, the academy invited the Berridale Hostel, along with parents and friends, to their performance. Audience members were delighted by the performances and our students loved the challenge of bringing each unique character to life.

We caught up with a few of the students and audience members after the performance and here is what they had to say:

“I enjoyed dying. The whole term was awesome fun.” Clancy Bell (Yr 7 performer)

“I enjoyed poisoning the drinks.” Jimmy Batson (Yr 7 performer)

“I really liked performing and seeing the audience’s reactions.” Finlay Bylett (Yr 7 performer)

“It was so funny that they (the detectives) never suspected the maids. It was so obvious!” Ely Frize (Yr 7 audience member)

“Everyone knew their lines. The whole play was really thought through. It was so funny because they (the characters) were so serious.” (Yr 7 audience member)

Well done to the entire academy and a big thank you to Mrs Cath Batson for her fabulous work in guiding and providing unique opportunities for our performers.