Welcome to our new students and staff who have joined for this term and beyond, and another warm welcome back to those who are continuing their journey with us. As we enter Term 2 at Snowy Mountains Grammar School, the leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping and soon our small town will become awash with colour and excitement.

A recent 2016 paper by Feddersen, Metcalfe and Wooden has drawn connections between the impact of weather on our self-reported life satisfaction, and therefore our wellbeing. An interesting concept and one which holds particular relevance in our own unique environment.

In her Huffington Post article, Sarah Diguilio points to four key ideas to ensure that you make the most out of these changes in weather:

  1. Let the sunshine in.

I know it can be difficult with the days getting shorter, but you need to make time to open the blinds and take that Vitamin D in. Give your brain and mood a healthy boost.

  1. Get moving.

Exercise, exercise and exercise. In order to get those feelings on the rise, it’s time to tap into those natural smile-makers, endorphins. Going for a run, a bounce on a trampoline, a swim, or a ride on a mountain bike, can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself and the world around you.

  1. Eat right.

We need that fuel in our bodies now more than ever. Making sure you focus on all the food groups, think ‘healthy’ and think ‘fresh’. Some chocolate here and there doesn’t go amiss though.

  1. Make time for your friends.

Happiness is only real when shared. It’s important to stay connected. Pick up the phone and make a call. Enjoy the time with friends and family.

Diguilio reminds us that, “One key point to remember about the so-called ‘winter blues’ is that it’s a biological response to changing light levels ― NOT something we can overcome with sheer willpower alone.” So, while we need to ensure we have the right approach to the year: our uniform worn correctly, striving for our personal best, showing compassion and respect for one another and ensuring that we utilise our resilience in the face of challenges, let’s also look out for each other as a community this term to make sure we have a productive and rewarding time.



Tim Bland

Dean of Students, Years 7-10