On Monday, 7th May, SMGS K-12 students took to the cross-country track at the Station Resort…180 runners to be exact!

With the House Shield on the line, this year’s cross country carnival saw one of the highest student participation numbers to date. Students wore their house colours with pride as they navigated the deceivingly tough course, made even more challenging by the gusty winds.

Year 12 Sports Captain, Aidan Machin, was proud of our student community for toeing the line and giving the event a go, saying, “What an amazing way to spend my last cross-country carnival. I was so proud of everyone for giving their best but for also supporting each other. It was awesome to see so many students representing the school proudly. Congratulations to everyone who competed!”

Memorable moments from our staff include: our Year 12 girls finishing their last SMGS cross-country in style, cartwheeling across the finish line, watching the K-2 students and their Year 12 buddies being cheered to the finish by the entire student body and staff, the sportsmanship and camaraderie exhibited by each SMGS student, and of course watching students who surpass their own expectations receiving a medal during the awards ceremony.

When the dust settled, Mowamba came out on top, winning by a slim margin of three points over Twynam, with Cascades and Kiandra tying for third.

Top 3 individual age champion results as follows:

(K= Kiandra, T = Twynam, M = Mowamba, C = Cascades)

Boys                                                      Girls

9 Years                                               

1st        Sam Lloyd (K)                                    Lily Brown (T)

2nd       Charley Burns (M)                           Grace Granabetter (K)

3rd        Darius Beilicz (C)                             Steph Connell (T)

10 Years

1st        Jack Willsmer (M)                              Georgette Philpott (M)

2nd       Jack Lister (T)                                     Stella Smith (T)

3rd        Aiden Moore (M)                                Helena Smith (K)

11 Years

1st        Billy Brown (T)                                    Sam Stynes-Garratty (C)

2nd       Blake Bell (M)                                     Ally Quinn (T)

3rd        Oki Ingle (K)                                        Olivia Roche (C)

12 Years

1st        Spedding Pearce (C)                           Olave Wilkinson (M)

2nd       Clancy Bell (T)                                     Abbey Wilson (K)

3rd        Finlay Bylett (C)                                  Emily Willsmer (M)

13 Years

1st        Patrick Broe (T)                                   Charlotte Wilson (K)

2nd       Alex Gould (T)                                     Ruby Smith (T)

3rd        Boss Boonsiri (T)                                Hannah McKay (C)

14 Years

1st        Daniel Ternes-Dixon (K)                    Mackenzie Harding (K)

2nd       Fletcher Thew (K)                               Letitia Murphy (K)

3rd        River Wilkinson (T)                           Catherine Stynes-Garratty (C)

15 Years

1st        Kalob Blyth (C)                                     Olivia Burke (C)

2nd       Matt Hansen (M)                                Rani Thomas (T)

3rd        Hudson Laird (K)                               Rhianna Blyth (C)

16 Years

1st        Willem Baldwinson (M)                     Annabelle Forster (M)

2nd       Harry O’Toole (K)                               Laura Hobbs (M)

3rd        Eli Wilkinson (M)                               Amy Hobbs (M)

17 Years

1st        Declan Burke (M)                                Tilly Flett (K)

2nd       Jack Machin (C)                                  Jamie Mawkes (T)

3rd        Alex Woolley (K)                                 Eve Donnelly (T)

18 Years         

1st        Jake Kennedy (T)                                 Heidi Nicholson (T)

2nd       Jem Davies (T)                                    Antonia Murphy (K)

3rd        Thomas Hansen (M)                          Issy Beaton (C)


Bode Townsend, one of our students undertaking the RePL Course (Remote Pilot Licence) with our School of Aviation, was also out at the event, capturing aerial footage to be used in the video of the event which will be completed soon. Bode was supervised by SMGS Head of School of Aviation, Phil Ryrie.