Author: Jackson Quinn, Arts Captain

Last week, SMGS Drama students were treated to the fabulous talents of the wonderful Maria Angelico, star of Channel Ten’s Sisters. Through a range of fun and inspiring improvisation activities, students found their confidence as actors and pushed their boundaries, learning that acting is more a part of life than many would realise.

The senior Drama students had some one-on-one time perfecting their individual projects and Maria laughed and cried as students performed their prospective HSC monologues. Maria also gave the students some all-important insights on acting that really helped students make leaps and bounds with their performances.

On Saturday, students from across the region came to our school for the annual Off the Beaten Track workshop. Maria started the morning with some highly interactive Theatresports activities, teaching students to value the purpose of their characters and to harness their inner monologues. Students were then given scripts from plays and movies and some time to prepare, before being given the daunting task of performing for the class without scripts. With a diverse range of emotions being explored, students gave it their all but, as with everything, there was room for improvement, and Maria shared her expertise, assisting the students to really make their scenes shine.

All up, everyone had a wonderful time with Maria Angelico and all the students wished her safe travel back to Sydney and the wonderful world of acting.