Our boarders come from all over Australia, including the major cities of Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, as well as some of the smaller, closer, regional towns of Adelong, Braidwood, Captain’s Flat, together with other towns in the Snowy Monaro region.

Our facilities are uniquely homely, providing each full-time student with their own room. The boarding house was refurbished in 2016 and each room is fresh and modern, with a basin and vanity, bed, heater, ample cupboard space, desk and lockable door. Many of our rooms overlook Lake Jindabyne, which provides a tremendous view in both summer and winter. During the Term 1 school holidays, SMGS added to its accommodation offerings, with a new double-occupancy boarding wing specifically built for our Elite Snowsports Academy program student-athletes.

Our boarders are provided with an excellent activities program, taking advantage of our unique location near the snow-fields and the beautiful natural environment of the surrounding rural areas. During winter, boarders have the option to be on the mountain three days a week! Other activities including equestrian, aviation, mountain biking, trampolining, netball, soccer, rugby and Navy cadets, providing boarders with ample activities throughout the year. Our weekend program often takes advantage of Lake Jindabyne, Kosciuszko National Park, Canberra and the South Coast.

However, it is the sense of community and belonging that our small boarding community prides itself on and our boarding students agree that it is one of the reasons they love boarding at SMGS.

As part of the ABSA National Boarding Week activities, we caught up with some of our boarders to ask them why they love boarding at SMGS. Here is what they had to say:

“I love boarding because of the constant support surrounding me with everything I do and the people involved with boarding!” – Cora, Boarding Captain

“I love boarding because it has a strong sense of community and you always have a place where you can feel like you belong.” – Alex

“I like boarding because of the supportive community and the amount of lifelong friendships formed.” – Tilly

“I love boarding because I get to be around people that are loving and supportive.” – Lucinda

“The large dysfunctional family you never knew you had to have…that’s why I love boarding!” – Sarah

“I love boarding because it is a break from home which helps to strengthen my relationship with my parents.” – Harry

“I love boarding because I have made lifelong friends.” – Charlie

“I love boarding because it is social.” – Bryn

“Because life is social and boarding provides a great opportunity to learn better people skills. Also I don’t have to walk far to get home from school.” – Jamie

“I love boarding because of the time you get to hang out with your friends after school.” – Willem

“I love boarding because you build lifelong friendships, being able to hang out with your mates all day and night, and seeing other boarders grow and prosper.” – Siobhan

“Boarding school was a big change for me. I came from an all boys’ school, which was a very big school, to what is a small and quiet town in the summer and a loud and crazy town in the winter! It was a big change for me because I have never been away from my parents for long periods of time. I made a lot of friends in the first few days! It made me very happy. I have been boarding at SMGS for two years now and I love it.” – Nick

“When at boarding school you are in a nurturing and caring environment, where you feel safe and protected.” – Spedding

“When you look at a boarding house, the first thing that comes to mind is inescapable drama and peer pressure. However, in the SMGS boarding house you will find the exact opposite. I love boarding so much because our hallways are filled with joy, company and laughter. In boarding you make such a tight bond with all your peers, and by the end of school we will become stuck together like glue. Who doesn’t like company? Also, when I first moved here at the start of the year I found that the boarding environment has a way of removing all the extra stress and anxiety, and I think part of this is because we are always on our feet participating in activities such as afternoon sport!” – Rani

“I love boarding because it combines the school bit and the homey feel too and that is why I love boarding.” – Oliver

“I love boarding because all of my friends live just down the hall.” – Eli