On Wednesday, 27 June, three teams from SMGS participated in the Write a Book in a Day competition (WABIAD).

WABIAD is a creative and challenging team competition where teams of up to ten students brainstorm, write, illustrate and edit their own books in a one-day period. Completed books are then donated to children in hospitals all across Australia and funds raised through sponsorship go to The Kids’ Cancer Project, a national charity with a mission to support scientific research to help children with cancer.

Each SMGS team had to raise $300, which they accomplished through running a hot chocolate and cupcake stall for the entire school on Wednesday, 20 June. Our students’ fundraising efforts were truly inspirational, raising in excess of $1400 towards children’s cancer research.

If the task of writing and illustrating a book in a day wasn’t daunting enough, at 8am on the day of the competition, the teams were given the following parameters around which to construct a story: two main characters, a non-human character, a setting and an issue. As you would expect from a group of engaged and excited students, when granted full artistic and creative capacity, the books they produced over the ten-hour period were exceptionally imaginative and well thought-out, making for an entertaining and enjoyable read.

Of the outcomes and skills our students gained from participating in an event such as Write a Book in a Day, event organiser, SMGS Year 7 and Enrichment teacher Mrs Melissa Bell said, “The competition was a wonderful opportunity for our students not only to work together as a team to produce a children’s book that reflects their creativity but also to bring some joy to children in hospitals throughout Australia.  Our students approached this competition with such enthusiasm and commitment.   They all thoroughly enjoyed being a part of such a worthy cause and certainly gained invaluable writing, illustrating and collaboration skills.”