Over the weekend, Year 9 student Mackenzie Harding and her horse Kosciuszko Red competed at the PCA NSW State Show Jumping and State Jumping Equestrian Championships held in Morriset, NSW.Representing the Jindabyne Pony Club and Zone 18, Mackenzie rode brilliantly, posting some fantastic results.

An account of Mackenzie and Red’s achievements, paraphrased from an article by Ms Sarah Woodhouse, Zone Chief Instructor for the local area, is as follows:

“The show jumping component was held over two days, with two competitions each day. The course was designed by renowned course builder, John Vallance, who has built courses at the World Championships and Olympic level, making for a high and tough course. Mackenzie was crowned the U15 Age Champion for A Grade riders, with her horse Kosciuszko Red (aka ‘Red’) jumping his heart out. On the final course, Red and Mackenzie jumped a 115cm round with a 120cm oxer as the “Joker”.

Of the competition and her results, Mackenzie said, “I was so nervous at the start of the event as this was my first A Grade competition.  Shaking all over, I went in the ring and we (Red and I) did the best we could! To then be rewarded with a first place – blue ribbon – it was amazing!! That in itself made the trip worthwhile but over the next couple of days we kept pulling out amazing results, and to be awarded overall age champion in A Grade, I am speechless. A special thank you to my amazing instructors at school riding, and of course Mum and Dad and to Jules Bourke (and my teammate Ella) who took me there!”

Congratulations, Mackenzie and Red!