If you have been into our Junior School over the past term, you will have noticed the windows of K/1 and Year 2/3 have been adorned with pictures of the students of each respective class. They are holding boards that answer the question, ‘What I love about my Junior School’. The answers that were provided were straight from the heart and are inspiring to read. They are also varied and show that our Junior School is a special place to be, and comments of friendship and kindness stand out. While this is wonderful to note, I cannot profess that we are a school that is without issues related to bullying and unkind acts. What is important for us to recognise is that we have a role to play as educators in providing opportunities for our students to be taught right from wrong and taught how to recognise poor behaviour and act appropriately towards it. I do believe that we have a community of students who do look out for each other and genuinely care for each other’s wellbeing. Our students don’t always get it right, but nor should we expect them to, because that is isn’t how the real world works. Unless we are prepared to promote our world as ‘mistake-free’, we should not expect it of our students.

Get ready for Kindergarten with Let’s Explore!

SMGS’ five-week transitional program, Let’s Explore, is designed to ease your child’s journey into the world of Kindergarten and Junior School. This year, the program begins on Friday, 26th October.