Competitors were presented with terrible conditions on Day 3 of the competition. Thick fog and constant sleet made visibility poor and the soft snow made the courses sticky and slow. It was so bad first thing today that not even the lifts wanted to operate with the Village Eight Express not coming online until later in the morning.

Over in Guthega, our Division 1 boys and girls lined up on Mother in Law. For some of our Year 12 students, this could be their final Interschools event. Conditions were described as a complete “white out” by some of our student spectators but that didn’t stop our boys and girls hitting the course hard, with the boys eventually coming away with a team gold along with a bronze for Jack Machin and gold for Charles Beaton.

Conditions continued to deteriorate throughout the day with heavy fog setting in across the resort, resulting in extremely difficult and changeable conditions for the Division 5 SkierX and Division 2 Alpine competitions. While it was hard enough just finding the chairlift through the fog and making it to the top of the course, navigating their way down through a wall of white took all their skills and experience.

Visibility started to improve slightly after lunch as our Division 6 SkierX competitors made their way up the Perisher Quad chair to the Yabby Flat SkierX course for their final race. As the wind picked up, our competitors braved the cold to take on Yabby Flat and with some slow and bumpy snow conditions. Our boys and girls did a great job of mastering the conditions against a very competitive field.

2018 was one of our most successful regional events to date with a SMGS jacket standing on a step of the podium for most events. In total, SMGS came away from the event with a whopping 112 medals that included 28 team and 17 individual gold medals.

It was great seeing so many SMGS uniforms across the resort over the past 3 days. Whether our kids were competing, warming up, helping our junior school competitors with their races or just skiing around supporting their fellow students, everyone had a great time and showed the world what an amazing school we are.

A big thank you to all the staff and parents who have been helping out on the hill over the course of the competition and especially those who helped out with volunteering as course officials. Finally, a huge shout out to all the parents for getting their kids up and down the mountain. None of this would happen without your support.

Well done team SMGS, you’ve done your school proud. Good luck to all our competitors who continue on to the NSW State championships in a few weeks.

Day 3 Results – Team Podiums


Division 1 Female Team – 1st Place
Division 1 Male Team – 1st Place
Division 2 Female Team – 3rd Place
Division 2 Male Team – 1st Place
Division 2 Male Team – 2nd Place
Division 3 Female Team – 1st Place


Division 4 Female Team – 2nd Place
Division 6 Male Team – 3rd Place

Day 3 Results – Individual Podiums


Charles Beaton – Division 1 Male – 1st Place
Jack Machin – Division 1 Male – 3rd Place
Jesse Quinn – Division 2 Female – 2nd Place
Finnley Sadler – Division 2 Male – 1st Place
Benjamin Wynn – Division 2 Male – 2nd Place
Joey Steggall – Division 3 Male – 3rd Place
Letitia Murphy – Division 3 Female – 1st Place
April Wynn – Division 3 Female – 2nd Place
Flynn Mooney – Division 3 Male – 3rd Place


Cassandra Nicholls – Division 4 Female – 3rd Place
Blake Nicholls – Division 6 Male – 2nd Place
Ashton Borthwick-Higgs – Division 6 Male – 3rd Place

Total Medal Count


45 Gold
33 Silver
34 Bronze


28 Gold
11 Silver
9 Bronze


17 Gold
22 Silver
25 Bronze

SMGS Regional Interschools Snowsports Day 3
SMGS Regional Interschools Snowsports Day 3
SMGS Regional Interschools Snowsports Day 3
SMGS Regional Interschools Snowsports Day 3
SMGS Regional Interschools Snowsports Day 3