This term in Stage 3 History, our students have been learning about the impact that the Gold Rushes had on the Australian colonies and how this period shaped our nation.

In our first lesson, students were exploring Gold as a precious commodity where they were divided into six groups, Material Scientists, Geologists, Miners, Historians, Gold Traders and Fun Factsters. They were then given twenty minutes to complete a research challenge.

The Material Scientists identified what is gold and its properties; The Geologists investigated how gold is formed in the earth’s crust; The Miners discovered where they can find gold around the world; The Historians explored which were the first countries to discover and use gold; The Gold Traders learnt where the worlds largest gold fields are; and the Fun Factsters found some interesting facts about gold.

The students worked together in their teams to complete the task before reporting it back to the whole group, sharing their knowledge of gold from each of their different perspectives.

The students learnt a lot about gold from this lesson, such as the symbol for gold on the periodic table, the Latin name for gold, and where the first gold was found in the world.

Do you know these answers? Ask your children as they can tell you!

To finish this lesson, students were asked to research the modern uses of gold. Using an iPad, students were then asked to find images of gold’s common uses in modern society and print them. These were used to create a class display to share these modern uses of gold in the Year 5/6 classroom. Some of the uses of gold were very interesting!!!

Did you know?

Did you know that gold is deeply entrenched in the history of the Snowy Mountains? In 1860, the Snowy Mountains joined the Gold Rush with people from across Australia and Asia converging on the town of Kiandra in search of their fortune!

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SMGS Stage 3 History - Gold Rush
SMGS Stage 3 History - Gold Rush
SMGS Stage 3 History - Gold Rush
SMGS Stage 3 History - Gold Rush