In early August, the NSW Government declared the entire State to be in drought. A mere 10mm of rain was recorded in the region in July of this year, with similar dry spells not seen since the 1980s. Many farmers have been forced to sell stock, or incur the added expense of purchasing feed. 
Many Snowy Mountains Grammar School students have a deep connection and respect for the land. Some come from farming families, while others spend most of their recreational time outdoors. Driven to support those doing it tough, students of Kiandra House, one of the school’s four pastoral care groups, hosted a fundraising barbecue for the whole school.
Saksia Dutch is a Year 11 student, and a member of Kiandra. She was involved in yesterday’s fundraising efforts. 

A few weeks ago, SMGS Head of Senior School,  Mrs Kelli Wilson, made a speech at Chapel about the farmers in NSW who are struggling due to drought. Her words inspired Kiandra House to consider the impact drought may be having on our immediate and wider community.

With all of New South Wales, Agricultural and east Pastoral regions of South Australia, northern Victoria and southern coastal Western Australia affected by drought, we decided to hold a barbeque to raise funds for Rural Aid Drought Relief Australia.

The Year 11’s of Kiandra House ran Monday’s event in the school’s barbeque area, which was built last term. The new facility was the perfect venue, and our sausage sizzle became a lunchtime hit as everyone came out of class with hungry stomachs.  There was also drinks and homemade cakes available, which were very popular with SMGS’s Junior School kids; the first in line. Smiles were seen everywhere as students and staff enjoyed their sausages, reinforcing the success of Kiandra’s lunchtime initiative.

I’d like to thank those who contributed to Monday’s barbeque, especially the Jindabyne Butchery for their donation of sausages. They were cooked up and served to staff and students at lunchtime, helping to raise a total of $320.70. This money will be going directly towards helping Australian farmers in need.

Once again, I’d like to thank everyone for their contribution to Monday’s event!

–      Saskia Dutch
        Year 11 student, Kiandra House