Charley Burns from Snowy Mountains Grammar School’s Junior School Year 3 class had the opportunity to engage with education in a new way on Friday, thanks to SMGS Principal Dr Andrew Bell’s new initiative, Principal for a Day. During his time as principal, Charley was invited to engage with senior and administrative staff, and with students of all ages throughout the school.

He was given his own name badge, wrote an article and message to the school community to be presented on the front page of Aspects (available this week on the SMGS website), and signed and delivered birthday cards for Junior School students. Charely also toured the SMGS campus, presented Merit Awards at Junior Assembly, and completed administrative tasks on behalf of Dr Bell.

Dr Bell sees the initiative as an opportunity to invite students to the Principal’s Office, for all the right reasons.

It was my pleasure to have Charley Burns as our inaugural Principal for a Day student,” he said. “Charley is always friendly, positive, polite and welcoming to all others. He was selected for his ongoing contribution to the positive culture of the Junior School.”

Charley also spoke highly of his time spent as Principal.

I had the best day ever,” he said. “My favourite parts were checking things, and writing birthday cards… And I got a pencil!”

During their time as SMGS Principal for a Day of, students are encouraged to solve problems and develop new ideas for the school, which fosters a sense of social-responsibility. Communication and the environment were key priorities for Charley during his time as Principal.

 When I was walking up to assembly, people were walking down. I’ve met them before, but I’ve never had a really good conversation,” he said. “If I was Principal for a Day again, I would probably make a bit of rules. There should be a Spring Cleaning around the school, where people all jump around and pick up rubbish. They could tow a bin around, and work in groups of 4.

Students are supported through the initiative by their classroom teachers, and encouraged to share their experiences with peers and other students.

So, has his time as Principal for a Day inspired Charley’s career plan to consider becoming a Principal himself?

“Honestly being the Principal is the best thing ever! It’s not as hard as you think; it’s actually fun. It’s not stressful, being Principal!”

We’ll take that as a yes!