Year 7 Science students have had the opportunity get hands-on, as they assess the local conditions for the establishment of an Alpine Tree Frog colony.


The students, who are currently studying ecology, conducted a range of water and soil quality tests around the banks of Lake Jindabyne. Three locations were assessed for their suitability as future habitats for the endangered amphibians.


The Year 7s worked together in small teams to test both the soil and the water. The results showed soil pH, texture, and moisture content, and the pH, turbidity, and temperature of the water. The class also analysed the biodiversity at each study site.


Undertaking field studies within the local region helps SMGS students to identify and engage with the issues and concerns of their local environment through their schooling.


Mrs Melissa Bell is the Senior School Science teacher.

It has been wonderful to observe how skilfully the students have applied their theoretical understanding to the practical application,” she said.


Following their time outdoors, Year 7 will return to the SMGS Science Labs to process data, and compare results against the frog’s Ideal Habitat Requirements.  This process is expected to take several weeks.


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