What happens when communication meets science? Snowy Mountains Grammar School’s Year 5 and 6 students have the answer! As part of their Stage 3 Science class, students are learning about the technology that allows us to send and receive messages.


Stage 3 Science at SMGS involves discussion and learning on both modern and traditional communications techniques. Students are prompted to consider the evolution of communications technology, from Morse Code, through to programming and AI.


Students learn about more than just engineering and mechanics however. In today’s class, Science teacher Mrs Amber Oakman asked Year 5 and 6 to consider how they engage with others on a day-to-day basis. Through touch, sight, words, and body language, students communicate with each other and the wider world.


Working in teams, each student had a key communication tool removed. They had to work with their peers to overcome their limitations and guide each-other through a series of tasks. These tasks were located throughout the school campus. Some were as simple as ‘smile when you get here’.


This simple team-building activity provided students with an insight into the messages they share on a daily basis, and the different ways that their personal storytelling can be adapted.


Mindful communication is an art that we all strive for, whether it be to support and encourage, listen when needed, or convey instruction” – Mrs Oakman.