Tom Hansen is a Year 12 student, and the Capitan of Mowamba House. Mowamba is one of Snowy Mountains Grammar School’s four spirit houses. Each House and it’s students engage in various sporting, academic, and community activities throughout the school year.

According to the Beyond Blue foundation, over 3 Million Australians are living with depression and anxiety.  SMGS aims to foster a safe and supportive learning environment for all students.

This year, Mowamba house chose to raise funds for Beyond Blue.

After extensive discussion in tutor groups, we came to the conclusion that depression will likely affect ourselves or someone close to us. Beyond Blue is an international organisation, that aims to tackle the problems surrounding depression and anxiety. The foundation caters for all ages and genders, and is part of a worldwide movement to remove the stigma around getting help.


The bar was set high. There is a strong house rivalry between both the Houses, and SMGS’s Houses have been highly successful in their philanthropic efforts throughout the year. Armed with this information, we all conspired resourceful ideas that could help raise money for the cause.


The event kicked off on Friday 21st September. Every student and teacher was invited to don their favourite, most flamboyant blue outfit, and donate $2.00 to Beyond Blue. Our House also hosted a lunchtime cake stall, that sold lots of blue treats.


I’m proud to announce that this was a whole School event. It is demonstrative of the way the SMGS community pulls together. Mowamba raised over $720 for Beyond Blue, an amazing outcome. All Mowambians should be highly commended on their philanthropic efforts throughout the year. The way our school participates in events such as these, and embraces community is truly awesome.

– Thomas Hansen

Year 12 student, Mowamba House Capitan

If you’re dealing with depression and anxiety call beyondblue on 1300 224 636 to talk to someone, or visit