Sarah Jansen (Year 11) is the Snowy Mountains Equestrian Capitan. The Snowy Mountains Grammar School Equestrian team visited Ingebirah fro a two-day skills camp. 

Fifteen riders from our SMGS equestrian team enjoyed a two day camp at Ingebirah. It was a great two days, and both riders and horses all tried so hard to get as much information out of the weekend as possible. We covered Campdrafting fundamentals, challenge obstacles, Dressage and flatwork, show ring etiquette and workouts, Showjumping and Cross Country.


Mrs Mower spent Saturday instructing our groups on how to present a horse in the show ring as well as important show ring etiquette. Younger riders also learnt how to do a led class, while the older riders practiced definitions in paces and how to perform clean workouts. Ms Ternes covered Campdrafting fundamentals and challenge obstacles, and everyone had an awesome time working the mechanical cow, standing on obstacles such as tyres and practising opening a  challenge gate .

Mrs Fairfield-Smith was teaching us about flexion and straightness, as well as lengthens and some horsemanship. We had Peter Gillis come out on the Sunday to do some cross country with us in the back paddock. We were working on timing, how to jump fences on angles, as well as jumping on a slope. The team were also very excited to welcome a guest instructor, Christan Trainor, who was long listed for the US Olympic Eventing team. Christan covered Showjumping and the importance of position and not rushing to fences.


A huge thank you must go out to the instructors, Mrs Mower for organizing the camp and our parents for getting us there. Ms Ternes, Glen and Danny, thank you for the use of your facilities, and thankyou to Evelyn for making sure everyone was fed!


Equestrian camp was amazing, and we would all do it again in a heartbeat!