Snowy Mountains Grammar School is proud to announce that the book A Puzzling Affair, authored by Senior School students, has been selected for display in the State Library of NSW. It will also incorporated into the Library’s educational workshop activity program.

A Puzzling Affair was written and illustrated by select Year 11 and 12 students for the 2018 “Write a Book in a Day” competition. Completed in just 10 hours, the book encourages readers to choose their own adventure. It details the adventures of a bumbling detective, as he tries to solve a mystery at a school fair. The book is clearly influenced by SMGS rural Australian lifestyle, and features a cast of quirky characters.

SMGS is proud to have participated in the 2018 “Write a Book in a Day” competition. The school was represented by three outstanding teams. In addition to A Puzzling Affair, SMGS contributed two further books. Junior School students from Years 5 and 6 wrote a book called Campground Rescue, while Year 7 and 8 students authored a work titled Two Books, One Dream.

All three teams put in an enormous effort, both creatively and in their fundraising efforts. Each team set a target of contributing $300 to The Kid’s Cancer Project through the competition. The students’ philanthropic efforts were truly inspirational, with in excess of $1,400 raised towards children’s cancer research through the sale of hot chocolate and cupcakes at stalls on campus.

“Write a Book in a Day” is a charitable competition, that raises funds for The Kids’ Cancer Project. Teams from across Australia work to create a book that fits “fun, unique parameters” within 12 hours. The stories are then donated to children and hospitals. In 2018, 1030 teams from 348 schools competed in the competition, raising $248,321.

It is our hope as the Snowy Scholars, that this story will bring laughter and intrigue, fun and adventure. You take control in this story, you define the outcome. We hope you find in this piece something to cherish and love forever. We are with you and we believe in you.

– The Snowy Scholars (A Puzzling Affair)

Want to read the books?

Campground Rescue
Year 5 & 6

Two Books, One Dream
Year 8 & 9

A Puzzling Affair
Year 11 & 12